Portraits are Important

Too often us as photographers get so caught up in all of the pretty details and parts of a wedding that sometimes we forget that the images that are going to stand the test of time, the ones that are going to be passed down from generation to generation aren't the images of invitation suites with pretty silk spools or sweet little velvet Mrs. Box's with gorgeous rings, but actual portraits. 

I make it a point to take portraits of my favorite people at least once a month. My mama hates being in front of the camera but I always make sure to take one or two portraits of her and try to capture her just as I remember her in that very moment. My husband (eek so weird to say that) is another person that I always make it a point to photograph. He absolutely hates it, gets antsy and starts making silly face, but I can't help but want to freeze time with him, capture his smile or his hair- just every piece of him. 


The same thing goes for my family- my father in law is so dear to me and I love being able to photograph him, as is our niece. 

I think this love of capturing special portraits in ordinary moments was something that I started putting an importance on last year. When my grandfather passed in May, we were scouring albums and phone camera rolls for even just one portrait of him that captured his simple nature, his hard working eyes and just him.

I had taken an image of him in March that embodied just that. A simple moment, that captured a simple man. This image of my grandfather is now in every one of my family members homes. It is so dear to us, and the thing that really makes me happy when looking at it is that even though you can't see me in the picture, every time I look at his eyes I know it's me that he's looking at.

I can't reiterate how important portraits are. While portraits of our brides and grooms are so dear to their families, we should also take time to focus on documenting our own loved ones and create heirlooms for our own families for years to come. 

All images taken by Fabiola Isabel Photography

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