Molly + Conor | Downtown Charleston Park Couples Session

Beautiful blooms, Spanish moss, and a gorgeous couple? What more could I want? Well- a bit warmer weather would have been nice BUT I’ll take a gorgeous sunny Charleston afternoon at one of my favorite parks with new friends any day.

Molly found me through Facebook a few weeks ago, reached out via my website and the rest is history. Her and her boyfriend Conor were going on a mini getaway to Charleston and wanted to get some portraits done, and if you know me I’m ALL about some portraits in my sweet home town. In fact, last year I started specializing in portraits- bridals, engagements, anniversaries- but portraits that become family heirlooms are my greatest joy.

There is just something so refreshing, so fulfilling about capturing a couple in a beautiful time in their lives, and creating stunning heirlooms that are going to be a reminder of the sweet love that once was and still is, years to come.

Molly and Conor drove down from Tennessee and met me at Hampton Park in Downtown Charleston where the azaleas and flowers had bloomed early and had welcomed them with open blooms (I’m totally not funny, but humor me). Richard and I had such a great time getting to know them and exploring my favorite little downtown park. Early Spring in Charleston- and sessions this time of year are filled with so much color and life that you almost forget that it’s 50 degrees out and freezing.

We danced, laughed, and I made Conor give Molly a ton of forehead kisses. By the end of the session they were absolute naturals and I was so thankful to have been able to capture their sweet love!

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